Definition Of Marketing (Definition & Types)

The term marketing may already be familiar to us a businessman. But not a few of us know the definition of marketing...

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The term marketing may already be familiar to us a businessman. But not a few of us know the definition of marketing and the type of marketing.

What Is Marketing?

Definition of Marketing is a series of activities to meet the needs and satisfaction of consumers. Both by producing products and then providing prices and promoting them to consumers so that sales occur.

Another definition of marketing can be referred to as several interrelated activities to fulfill what is needed by consumers. So that companies can benefit from what consumers buy.

Marketing is indeed close to everyday life, because marketing is assigned to the field. And is in direct contact with the community.

To the extent that because of the many products promoted by a marketing. It makes you confused in determining which product is the best choice.

Today, marketing is something that every company and organization must implement in its growth strategy. Many companies use marketing techniques to achieve their goals without realizing it. Many still do not know exactly what is meant by marketing.

When asked, they defined it as selling or advertising. While these answers are not wrong, they are just part of a marketing strategy.

Marketing involves many other things such as product distribution, promotion, design and creation of materials such as landing pages and social media content. And building customer experiences, conducting market research and defining target markets, and much more.

Experts who work in a partnership’s showcasing and advancement offices try to stand out enough to be noticed of key possible crowds through publicizing.

Advancements are focused on to specific crowds and may include VIP supports, appealing expressions or trademarks, important bundling or realistic plans and by and large media openness.

Marketing as a discipline includes every one of the activities an organization embraces to attract clients and keep up with associations with them.

Types Of Marketing

Types Of Marketing - Definition of Marketing

Marketing has many types that we need to know, one of which is as follows:

1. Public Relation Marketing (PR Marketing)

Public Relations is one of the most important types of marketing. Many companies collaborate with the media to increase brand awareness (product awareness) of their products and the benefits that consumers can get when they have this product.

2. Word of Mouth Marketing (WoMM)

Word of mouth marketing is product information obtained by consumers from other consumers verbally and directly. Also known as word of mouth promotion. Delivered directly.

3. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing utilizes all its resources and assets online and all the potential that exists on the internet in order to achieve company targets. In addition, digital marketing is also an effective way to build a brand at a low cost. The target market can also be determined because many advertising service providers have this feature.

4. Relationship Marketing

Building relationships with consumers is an effective way to market products. The analogy is that when consumer loyalty has been built, when the company launches a new product, consumers will voluntarily buy the product.

5. Branding

A product should have a target market, as well as a name or “brand,” to be known. Branding is one of the types of marketing that has a function as a long-term promotion. Branding often includes a name, slogan, and logo.

6. Multi-Level Marketing

Multi-level marketing is a direct, multi-person form of marketing in which a company recruits and sells its products. This type of marketing is often known as network marketing. Because its marketing personnel earn commissions from the products. They market as well as marketing and sales commissions from the network.

7. Broadcast Ads

Radio as a marketing medium is one form of paid advertising that is commonly used by companies or business owners. The concept of marketing to consumers in this way is very potential because when turning on the radio the listeners really listen to what the announcer is saying. Meanwhile, to reach customers broadly, advertising media can be used on television.

Actually there are many other types of marketing. However, we will discuss the full explanation in another article. Hopefully this article can be useful and add insight to your knowledge about the definition of marketing.

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